If You’re Serious About Getting Rid of Staph, Infections; this letter my friend wrote to me on 12th of March 2020 before she finally relocated to be with her hubby in Ghana will be the BEST MESSAGE YOU WILL EVER READ THIS YEAR! –  trust me!!

Spare the next 5 minutes of your time and ensure you read till the end

Dear Jessica,

I was not bold to tell you this face-to-face, so I decided to write it as a mail to you.


By the time you will see this and finish reading it, I’m already in Ghana; yes, to be with my fiancé I had always told you about.


Remember the day I moved in to your house? Yea, that rainy Saturday; it wasn’t intentional tho.


I was going to tell you but I never knew how cos I want to avoid you sending me out as I didn’t know where else to go. So, the truth is all the while I wasn’t really working in any factory, I was doing runs (they call it escort).  


All those night shifts I’ve always told you about were actually my gigs with different clients; guess you understand.   


Jessica, seriously life was tough with me and my family that I just had to find a means by all means..  


It was after one of my outings one night like that, that I started discovering some odd things happening to my body..  



First, I thought probably it’s a sign from my normal mensural period, not until it persists even after my period. 

I began having this regular itches in my vag.. 


Pains and soreness


Burning sensation and bleeding when having s*x


And the worst of it all is this foul odour from my puss


Now the straw that hit the camel’s back was that.. when you told me, you had infections; I knew I was the one who gave it to you


Cos I’ve been using your Undees at times.

See, I’m sorry but don’t fret Jessy 


There wasn’t anywhere I haven’t gone to look for solution to these symptoms but all to no avail. 


I’ve been looking for lasting solution to these infections and even staphylococcus aureus. 


There was virtually nothing I’ve not tried; from drugs to some herbal rubbish that taste almost like Sh*t!.. 



Some months back when I was chatting with Tunde, my fiancé and I had like 1 month for us to meet in Nigeria before he returns to his base in Ghana. 




My vag was still oozing and I’m going to meet him. 


My Goodness! I didn’t want to miss this one, not for anything, was my prayers. 


I was browsing on Facebook one glorious day when an old friend of mine posted an article about infections and staph... see, I had to open up to him



I took that courage and entered his DM..



Jessica, this guy told me he has something that works.. as usual I doubted. 



But then I summoned courage and traveled all the way to Kaduna to get this stuff he has for me. 


Straight to the point Jessy;


This thing works wonders! 


In less than 3 weeks of usage; the awful smell is gone. The itching has stopped already;

wait, is this a joke...


I waited for another 2 days to see if these symptoms will come back as usual after using some other products. 






Why am I writing you this Jessica;



Unfortunately; the guy doesn’t reside in Nigeria anymore, but I was able to get him to keep an excess of about 50 of this herbal drugs/supplements. 



I used just 2 bottles which is the recommended dosage for a single person and I was totally OK! 



So, he said if it’s for couple; they should get 4 bottles so the woman and the man will take 2 each for perfect cure, as this is also one major cause of couples not been able to conceive

The product is also NAFDAC Approved!


Pls pick up the 50 packs from the location I’ve dropped for you and you can as well sell the rest to as many that would need them; a whole lot of people need this Jessy, trust me. 



So many rubbish out there that don’t work! 



I got the two bottles for N27,500... but you can decide to give it for wayyy lesser. That’s my way of paying you back. Use 2 yourself and dispose the rest.



I’ll send you my Ghana number when I’m settled here. 


Your bestie.


So, that’s it guys. 


No much story, after getting this message from Priscilla, I tried the product and it works wonders!


Someone just sent this to me today.. see below:

If Your Man or As a Man you are experience the following;

  • pain or burning during urination.
  • a need to urinate more frequently.
  • pain during ejaculation.
  • abnormal discharge from the penis, particularly colored or foul-smelling discharge.
  • bumps, blisters, or sores on the penis or genitals.


Pls Don't Sleep on this Herbal Remedy!


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You absolutely don't want to sleep on this as we’ve got just 17 bottles left and this might finish by this weekend. 


And trust me, I really don’t know when a next batch will be available.

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Guess what;


You won’t be getting 2 bottles for 27,500; Naaaa; it’s going to be way less. 


Just click HERE and see how to get yours ASAP. 


Wish you all the best. 

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